Gliders Are Coming To Dauntless, Yes… Halloween Is Too

If you haven’t checked in on Dauntless‘s road map for a while you may want to spend some time flipping through the islands. Phoenix Labs added several bits of new content to the roadmap recently, announcing plans for things like gliders players can use to get around with, a new Behemoth, a new event vendor, and of course the upcoming Halloween event.

Of course, there’s not a ton of information on any single one of these things. We do know that the Halloween Dark Harvest event has been modified based on player feedback and that players will take part in different activities to earn coins that can be traded for seasonal rewards. In the meantime, all we know about the new behemoth is that it’s frost-focused.

The new event vendor, Honest Ozz is there to make it easier for players to find free event rewards, rather than having to dig through the store for them. He’s also bringing a small change with him where “contracts” have been renamed to “rumors”. Ozz will be where players go to get their Dark Harvest rewards.

Credit: Gliders Are Coming To Dauntless, Yes… Halloween Is Too – MMO Bomb