ArenaNet’s Unannounced Project Has Lost Its Lead Designer

In January, we reported that ArenaNet’s unannounced project had a lead designer, Jennifer Scheurle, who identified herself as such in her Twitter bio. Unfortunately, Scheurle revealed today that she is no longer with the company, an announcement that places the future of that project in considerable doubt.

As Scheurle said that her dismissal was “part of a re-shuffling of projects,” that leads one to think that she might not have been the only employee let go. As of right now, we haven’t heard of anyone else leaving the company, but we’ll update this piece if we learn more.

Just as unsettling is the manner in which Scheurle was let go. She said that she was “locked out of my work computer within 10 minutes and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to my colleagues.” That’s not a great way for anyone to be dismissed, and we hope Scheurle, as well as anyone else who might be affected, can land back on their feet soon.

Credit: ArenaNet’s Unannounced Project Has Lost Its Lead Designer – MMO Bomb